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Wear mask, be safe

As a College, we are committed to creating a safe and healthy campus environment for all students. Stay informed about our ongoing efforts.

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We are the future technocrates

Material sciences and engineering student Lauren Slann, wearing a white lab coat, blue gloves, goggles and a face mask, works in a laboratory alongside a male professor, who is also wearing lab gear and a face mask.

Shaping the Future

To supplement theoretical knowledge with practical skills, PRIT is having well equipped labs with ultra modern and sophisticated equipments conforming to the latest technology trends and institution curriculum. Faculty at PRIT fulfil multiple roles as educators, researchers and professionals having a broad range of backgrounds.

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Pemiya Risikesh Insitute of Technology has been promoted by a social, educational trust , which has a diverse experience in the field of education over the last 25 years, since its inception. We make our best possible efforts to cater quality education and experience to our students, while studying herewith us. we strive to deliver comprehensive continually enhanced global quality technical education through an established quality management system.

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The institute has been established to prepare mid-level supervisory manpower required by the Industry by imparting training in theory, drawing and practical skills for three years. The students after completing the courses will popularly be called Diploma Engineers.

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Three female undergraduate students smile and talk, sitting together in the sunshine on Bowman Field.
Two international female students sit with their male classmate and smile on the steps of Lee Hall during the spring.
Three Black female students smile with President Clements on the front lawn of the President's Home during the freshman BBQ.
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