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We're one of the largest and most diverse college communities in Jharkhand, which means there's a huge range of people to mix with - and a wide choice of clubs, sports, societies and social events.

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In terms of infrastructure, PRIT is one of the best colleges in the country matching national standards. It is one of the few colleges in the Jharkhand which has upgraded its classrooms to facilitate teaching through modern tools and techniques. The College has Wi-Fi enabled LCD projectors, tutorial rooms, library, a state-of-the-science seminar room and a fully equipped auditorium with seating capacity of over 750 persons. The College takes pride in being a differently-abled friendly campus with new ramps, lifts and special washrooms added to the building. Also, the College has various facilities to address the reading, hearing and understanding requirements of various students. The PRIT library is an empowering unit with a Resource Centre for Visually Challenged possessing an array of audio-visual aids to assist in the process of self actualization. The College is endowed with renovated hostels, medical support systems (along with physiotherapy centre), modern gymnasium, a huge parking facility (available to both students and faculty) and playground of national standards.


A complete smoke and vehicle free zone, the College provides an eco-friendly environment to its students with the latest initiatives of solar heating, rainwater harvesting, paper recycling and other green initiatives.

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“Pemiya Rishikesh Institute of Technology provides a blended mix of physical and digital mediums to provide a highly engaging and conducive environment for effective teaching-learning and progressive academic development.”

Sri Mathura Prasad Mahto

The Power of a Great Classroom Library

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We give the potential to increase student motivation, engagement, and achievement and help students become critical thinkers, analytical readers, and informed citizens

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By quality, it is not just the rooms but the overall we are providing a wonderful stay and the best possible learning environment with canteen facility that provides students with highly nutritious food at affordable prices. The canteen menu offers many delicious items. The canteen has an indoor seating facility and is a quiet and comfortable space for students to study and socialize.