Providing Real-World Experiences

Field Experience

Real World Engineering

In the College of Engineering, you are getting a world-class engineering education, but you might be wondering what engineering is like off-campus, in the “real world.” How can you connect to and build a professional network for your future?

The Real World Engineering program has shown students what engineering is like in industry and government. Currently running in India and Abroad, the program gives technocrate students the opportunity to network with professional engineers, shadow mentors, tour industries, connect with alumni, and learn about future career opportunities. It helps students make better-informed decisions about their future careers and experience life as an engineer.

Engineering Leadership Program

PRIT Engineering realizes that technical skills alone are not enough. Turning ideas into solutions, bringing innovations to life, influencing governments and societies: these require engineers to step up as team members and leaders. The mission of the Engineering Leadership Programs is to grow powerful leaders who take on our world's biggest challenges with knowledge, skill, insight and courage. We achieve this through classes and seminars, supplemental instruction in design courses, the Engineering Leadership Certificate Program, and other means. Because we believe great leadership development engages the heart and the mind, we emphasize empirically derived knowledge combined with personal inquiry and growth.

Entrepreneurship at Cornell

As an active participant in the PRIT program, the College has a wide range of courses, events, and experiential learning activities designed to help students begin their journey of business creation and success in any engineering discipline.