Electrical Engineering

About Department (60 Seats)

Electrical Engineering is one of the oldest and fundamental branch of engineering. It plays a dominant role in every walk of life ranging from house hold to the industrial sector. Today not a single machine could be thought of operating without electricity. Each and every person knows the importance of electricity. Development of a Nation is decided by the per capita consumption of electricity.


The college started with this fundamental branch in 2017. At present the intake has been augmented to 60 students. The department is run by a team of highly skilled and professionally adept team of lecturers, lab assistants and supporting staffs. The department has industry experienced faculties on one hand, young and dynamic professionals on the other, who ensure that the students reach their full potential both on academic and professional scales.

Aims & Objectives


  1. To become a centre of excellence in the field of imparting education in Electrical Engineering and developing skill on par with the eminent institutions of the country and guide the students to become responsible citizens and competent professionals.


  1. To impart high quality education in Electrical Engineering and related skills for the uplift of students and thus the society at large.
  2. To become a regional focal point in human resource development and other training activities related with electrical engineering field by good institution-industry exposure and interaction.
  3. To aim and upgrade faculty for higher education with continuous improvement in the areas related to technical and scientific knowledge.
  4. To practice and promote high standard of professional ethics, transparency and accountability.

HOD Message

Dear Parents and Students
Thank you for showing your interest in Department of Electrical Engineering.

We are in the age of electricity. On behalf of our students and faculty, it is my privilege to welcome all of you to the Department of Electrical Engineering at Pemiya Rishikesh Institute of Technology

Electrical Engineering was introduced in the year 2017 at our esteemed institution, PRIT with a key objective and aim of providing both fundamentals and Industry/ future ready programs in this field by nurturing the students to deep- dive in their field of interest and also motivating them to excel.

At present the department offers a three year diploma programme, (Diploma in Electrical Engineering).

The department has a dedicated team of faculties with a wide spectrum of specialization such as Power Electronics, Power system, Electrical and Electronics measurement, control system, electrical machine, Industrial drives etc.

Our faculties members are expert in the areas they teach. Not only do they provide a solid grounding in the academic theories and concepts of their specialty, they also provide the students challenges facing their discipline. They provide the students the right balance of theory and practice.

The interaction between students and professor greatly enriches the educational experience for all. Our campus provides students with the opportunities to gain and use knowledge to build successful lives and careers and become an integral part of the community.

Course Design

  • Any topic is being taught starting with “why to study?” “What to study?” “Where to apply” and “where to study from?”
  • To understand everything from the very first principle in order to erase any confusion in fundamentals.
  • Theory is supplemented with relevant BIS & ISO specifications for having industrial orientation
  • Gap analysis of existing syllabus is done in order to bridge the gap to have complete and coherent knowledge.
  • Students are encouraged to investigate into the machines and equipments in practical classes in order to appreciate the electromagnetic phenomena to sharpen the analytical capability.
  • Digital class rooms with relevant photographs and videos to give first hand impression of the subjects.


To prepare an effective and socially responsible Electrical Engineer to serve the future needs and challenges of the society.


  • To strength academic infrastructure leading to qualify professional through modern technology in the field of Electrical Engineering.
  • To impart technical education with industry and society for developing competent Electrical Engineering.
  • To create a passion for learning and promote innovation.

Scope and Opportunities

The Electrical Engineering has a wide range of career opportunities in power industries, government PSUs, R&D Units, IT industries, Electricity Boards/ Utility companies, Telecommunication industries, Manufacturing industries, Private industries firms and startup companies.

MR. Anup Kumar Mahto
Lecturer and Head of Department (HOD), Electrical Engineering
Pemiya Rishikesh Institute of Technology



Machine Lab:

This Lab is equipped with all types of AC and DC motors and generators ranging from 0.5KW to 7KW for performing all types of experiments and studying the characteristics of the machines. Some machines are in dismantled condition to make the students aware of the internal parts and constructional details. The lab has different types of motor starters, manual and automatic. Motors can be given mechanical as well as electrical loading (Resistive, inductive and capacitive) for studying their performance characteristics.

Measurement Lab :

This Lab provides with experimental set-ups for studying Transducers (Piezoelectric, Capacitive pick-up, RTD, Thermister, LVDT, LDR, Stain Gauge etc.), DC Potentiometer, Kelvin Double Bridge, Energy Meter, Transformer oil testing set for B.D.V. test.

Electrical Workshop and Circuit Lab :

In this Lab the students can practice fabrication of electrical house wiring circuits, winding of motors and transformers coil in winding machine, repairing of all types of house appliances. They can also verify the fundamental laws of Electrical Engineering. The lab has a display of all types of Electrical Tools, accessories and house-wiring demonstration panel to make the students aware of their use.

Our students are placed in Tata Steel, Jindal Steel, UCIL, ACC Cement, Usha Martin, BHEL, DVC, Bihar and Jharkhand Electricity Board, Indian Railways and BSNL etc.

Engineering Department Faculties

Our highly qualified teachers are:


Designation: H.O.D.
Academic Qualification: M.TECH
Work Experience: 6
Email ID: hodeeprit@gmail.com
Contact No.: 7991143945


Designation: Lecturer
Academic Qualification: B.TECH
Work Experience: 4
Contact No.: 8538988535


Designation: Sr. Lecturer
Academic Qualification: M.TECH
Work Experience: 7
Email ID: nihalraj0007@gmail.com
Contact No.: 8210753784


Designation: Lecturer
Academic Qualification: B.TECH
Work Experience: 2
Email ID: shubham.neha.suman@gmail.com
Contact No.: 9835217217


Designation: H.O.D.
Academic Qualification: M.TECH
Work Experience: 4
Email ID: anup10ee52@gmail.com
Contact No.: 8709312289